Training Recap

It’s been a busy week! Monday was a holiday which always throws the rest of the week off for me.
On Tuesday, I run commuted to work which was great because it doesn’t take that much longer than my usual bike commute and then my run is out of the way! It’s been incredibly hot here for the last week so it’s been hard to make sure to make time to run when I’m not going to kill myself in the heat. I had a couple 6am runs this week and also a couple 4pm runs which was really not smart.
On Friday, I put off my run until after work and it ended up being almost 40C (104F) with the humidity so I took a nap and tried to wait out the heat. By 6pm, I decided that I had to get it done with. I chose stair repeats over hill repeats because the stairs were shaded but it was incredibly tough. I really have to start making sure that I go running early if it’s going to be that hot.
Saturday, I headed with my friend Sigrid to the Toronto islands for an event called Castaway put on by Mountain Equipment Coop and Surf the Greats. It billed itself as an afternoon of SUPing, beach cleaning and yoga. What it ended up being was a hugely disorganized mess with only 5 SUPs for 100 people! We ended up leaving early and doing our own thing. It was beautiful weather so we swam, had a picnic, walked a lot and generally had a great time but not the day that I was expecting.

 That’s what I’ve been up to this week! What have you been up to?
Next weekend I’m heading to Ottawa for the Night Race (10k) and some spa time. I’m really excited for this mini vacation!

Week of training:
Monday – rest
Tuesday -run commute = 6km x 2 (am and pm)
Wednesday – 10km with 15 min in the middle at 10k pace
Thursday – 8km, 45 min strength at the gym
Friday – stair repeats (100+ stairs x 6) with 4km warm up and cool down
Saturday – rest day but ended up walking a lot (around 20,000 steps)
Sunday – ran 20km with 20 min of core afterwards.
Happy running!

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