Race Recap: Beaches Jazz Run 10km

kathering10k-1In June, I realized that I hadn’t signed up for a July race. I originally wanted to run Dirty Girls because it was such a great experience last year but I realized with my reduced running schedule that I should sign up for something shorter. I ended up signing up for the 10km at the Beaches Jazz Run.

After a busy July, the race got here really quickly. My goal was to run a PR but the weather interfered. There was a heat warning for days before the race and race morning is was almost 30C with the humidity.

kathering10k-2Callum dropped me off a couple km from the race start and I ran there as a warm up. I got there just in time to say hi to a friend and go line up.

My PR is 48:30 and I was trying to finish in 46:00. It’s been years since I raced 10km, I think 2011 is the last time I raced this distance. My plan was to start at 4:45min/km and then work my way down and then try to speed up in the last few km.


I lined up near the front of the crowd at the start line and I went out way too quickly. The first time I looked at my watch, it said I was running 3:50min/km so I slowed it way down. I was comfortably running 4:45min/km for a couple km but I was stuck with a pack of people that I just wanted to pass.

kathering10k-5I forgot how hard it is to try to go fast for that long. At 4km, I was wondering why I hadn’t signed up for the 5km because then I’d be almost done. By 6km, I was really hurting. It was hot, there was no shade, and I had Nuun in my water bottle which I usually like but was just making my mouth sticky. All I wanted was to walk! By 7km, I had slowed down to 5:00min/km and I was fighting to hang on to that.

In the last km, I tried to speed up but I just couldn’t do. My legs were toast. I crossed the finish line in 49:10, 3 minutes slower than my goal and 40 seconds behind my PR. I was frustrated about the race and so happy to be done running. I got some water and food (it was a really well organized race with bags to put the goodies in!) and then left to go out to breakfast with my mom and Callum.

strava beaches jazz run

In the car on the way to breakfast, I noticed that I had an email from the race and clicked to see my results. I was shocked to see that I had come 2nd in my age group and was the 8th female. I’m really proud of that even if I didn’t have a very good day.

It turns out the nice part of racing 10km is that it doesn’t destroy you for the rest of the day! I can’t remember the last time that I had a race in morning and the rest of the day was productive. It turns out that running less far is key to that! An equally nice surprise has been that my legs aren’t sore. There are some benefits to running reasonable distances!

I have another 10km race in Ottawa in a couple of weeks. That race was a wedding present from Callum so it’s undecided if we’re going to race it or just enjoy it.

Life is slowly getting back to normal after the chaos of getting married and going away but a post about our honeymoon hiking adventure is coming soon!

What’s your favourite distance to race?

Happy running!


5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Beaches Jazz Run 10km

  1. Gail July 25, 2016 / 7:41 pm

    I love the 1/2 marathon distance best, but there is something about a 10 km that is so appealing.

    • KatherineRunsUltras July 25, 2016 / 8:12 pm

      I like the half distance too! Long enough to be tough but short enough to be over fairly quickly.

  2. Jessica July 26, 2016 / 10:38 am

    Great race report. I just raced last night and was off my goal too. Racing in the heat is no joke…

    Way to push through and glad to hear you are running healthy again!

    • KatherineRunsUltras July 26, 2016 / 10:45 am

      Thanks!! Slowly getting back to normal. Running in all this heat will make us faster in the fall obviously! 😀

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