100 Miler Race Prep

When I met my coach yesterday to go over race details the first thing that he said to me was, “the weather is going to change everything.” I think that will be the theme of this 100 miler. It’s predicted to be incredibly hot and humid, like late July level hot. Just what you want for a 100 miler…

There’s around 36 hours before I start the race. I have spent the last two days organizing my food, making packing lists for my clothes and figuring out a race strategy.

Food wise, I’m bringing a ton of food. WAY more than I could ever use but I don’t know what I’ll want so I’m bringing everything that I can think of. If I don’t eat it, it will get brought home and be eaten post-race. I went grocery shopping yesterday for some final items and went through aisles that I never shop in, like the candy/chip aisle; it was a lot of fun!

I’m going to start the race using mostly gels, supplemented with a little bit of solid food from the aid stations and then later in the race switch to mainly real food. My plan is to eat in the second half of the race like I would if I had the flu – simple, plain, easy to digest food. Because of the heat, I’m going to drink the electrolyte drink at every station and then also take salt tabs.

The plan for dealing with the heat is to bring coolers with ice and put the ice everywhere I can. Hat filled with ice, Buff with ice around my neck, ice in my sports bra, ice in my compression socks, lots and lots of ice! My first goal of the day is making it through the heat of the day until it cools down later on. Thankfully a few times this winter/spring I have run in really hot weather in Florida and Vegas because otherwise I would have been 8 or 9 months since Ontario has had weather this hot.

Packing wise, I’m basically bringing all the running clothes I own. I guess having way too many running clothes comes in handy when running a 100 miler! The weather is going to cool down at night so I’m bringing pants, a sweater, long sleeve and jacket for if I get cold. For during the day, I’m bringing a couple changes of shorts, singlets, hats, and socks. Just like with the food, I’d rather have more than I need than to be missing something that I really want. Also, it’s always nice to put on dry clothes after hours of sweating and having ice melt on you.

My original goal was a sub-24 hour race but I think with the weather conditions, that’s not going to happen. I have readjusted my A goal to a sub-26 hour finish. My B goal is a sub-28 hour finish and C goal is just to finish before the 30 hour cut off.

Callum is going to crew me which I’m really excited about because I always look forward to seeing him at races! I have two pacers coming to run the night with me and then Callum will run the last loop with me. The course is 8, 20km loops. It’s logistically easy because you go back to the same places a lot of times so I will get to see Callum at least 8 times and he can organize finding the pacers etc.

My first goal is making it through the heat of the day until I get to have my first pacer at 8pm. Then the focus is making it through the night until its day light again.

Callum has kindly offered to live tweet about my progress from my twitter account so you can follow all the action or send encouraging messages to me at @katherine_yager.

The rest of my pre-race time will be taken packing, organizing, getting a few final items and trying to get really hydrated!

Are you racing this weekend?

Happy running!


9 thoughts on “100 Miler Race Prep

  1. adamhaesler May 26, 2016 / 8:17 pm

    If you have not already, you might want to make a checklist, just to be sure you have everything covered. This is at least what I did with my kitchen floor covered with stuff. This helped a lot, as I was surprised at the amount of stuff I would have forgotten without doing the exercise of having a running list, pun unintended.

    • KatherineRunsUltras May 27, 2016 / 9:35 am

      I made a spreadsheet a few days ago, this seems to really be an exercise in organization! It’s definitely a ton of stuff to remember.

  2. thisgirlcaron May 26, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    Wow! It sounds like you’re all set 😀 I think the salt tabs and ice are going to be a great strategy. I went out today to grab a few things too since the heat is going to be a real challenge. If I was a faster runner I’d just try to get it done (only doing 50k) before the heat of the day but I’m not, so I’ll just have to take it easy. I’m really excited for you and hope we get a chance to say hi on one of our loops 😀 All the best for a great race!

    • KatherineRunsUltras May 27, 2016 / 9:37 am

      I’m hoping that all the aid stations will have ice! It’s better to take it easy in the heat anyway. I hope that we run into each other!! If I don’t see you, have a fantastic race and stay cool 😀

  3. Runner's Mom May 27, 2016 / 9:09 am

    You are so ready for this race – mentally and physically! You’re going to do a great race!!!! Ice buckets full of love to you.

  4. Canuck Carl June 2, 2016 / 5:41 am

    Wow, I can’t even imagine the magnitude of a 100 mile or 161 kilometer race. So much training and even reading this post, the planning involved for the actual race day.

    I ran my 1st 50k with my niece Caron at Pick Your Poison. Never used a drop bag, but definitely will be from now on.

    I started following your Twitter a couple of days after Sulphur Springs, and I did see Callum’s progress tweets only then. Sincerely hope your knee is okay. It would have been so difficult for you to call your decision at 120k’s. What an accomplishment you did.

    Thank you for sharing this post. It was very informative, and it is definitely much better to pack a wide variety of gear and food items. It will help me for my next 50k coming up in July! 🙂

    • KatherineRunsUltras June 7, 2016 / 9:51 am

      Thank you so much for reading! I saw and I think even briefly spoke to you and Caron at PYP, congratulations to both of you!

      What 50k are you running in July? I hope I get to see you and Caron out there sometime this summer 🙂

      • Canuck Carl June 8, 2016 / 3:11 am

        Hi Katherine, you are very welcome. And thank you for your kind words. I pretty much speak something to everyone on the trails to encourage, even if it is very briefing. There is chance we may have spoken.

        In July I’ll be doing The North Face in Collingwood. If you are there will definitely keep an eye out for you! 🙂

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