Race Recap: Seaton Soaker 25k

When I did this race last year, it was an incredibly hot, humid day and I managed to give myself heat stroke. This year was a completely different race, it was cold and wet with rain throughout most of the race leading to muddy trails.

Callum and I (and Lucy the dog) decided to camp the night before the race at a local park with our new (to us) camper van. It was a beautiful day and we left the city before the traffic got bad so we we’re there in time to relax, make dinner and go on a hike before settling in the for night. My plan is to camp the night before my 100 miler so this was a test run of how it would go.

It was really nice to be so close to the race so I got to get up around the time that I would have had to leave home if I had been there. We arrived at the race start about 30 minutes before go time. I got my bib, went to the washroom, took off my warm clothes and it was time to go.

Over night the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees C and the rain had started. I ended up wearing a singlet, long sleeve shirt, and shorts for the race. I think it was the right choice but I was cold for a while in the middle of the race while rain was pouring down.

The race started on a paved road and then went into some nice flat trail before getting into single track and some climbing later in the race. It’s an out and back so we went 12.5km and then turned around to come back where we came from. The trails weren’t bad on the way out but by the way back they were pretty slick with mud.

A lot of people from my running group and my coach, Chris, were running the race so we all stayed together which was nice. It always makes it go faster to have company! I wasn’t racing because it’s so close to my 100 so I was just out there to enjoy myself and I had a great time.

I had been having some ankle pain during the week but it didn’t hurt during the race. I think I’m getting a lot of phantom pains as I get closer to my 100 and I’m worried about injuring myself. I actually felt good during the run. I ate some pretzels and bananas from the aid stations and because of the race distance, that worked really well for me.

Overall, it was a really good race! I actually would take the wet, cold conditions over the hot and humid conditions of last year but I could do without all the mud. And now the real countdown until my 100 miler begins… there are only 12 days! I’ll post more on race prep soon especially since I’ll have lots of time with the taper in full force now.

What do you do during taper time that you usually don’t have time for?

Happy running!


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Seaton Soaker 25k

  1. thisgirlcaron May 16, 2016 / 9:08 pm

    That is so exciting that your 100 miler is so close! I’m looking forward to your recap.
    I’m a terrible taperer. I usually get anxious about little things like weather and timing for getting there but it also spills over to other things I don’t usually have time for like worrying about things at work that I never think about on a normal week. Next taper I’m going to buy a 10 session yoga card, some massage sessions and get a pedicure or 5. Distract myself without putting in too much effort 😂

    • KatherineRunsUltras May 17, 2016 / 7:15 am

      I’m a constant weather checker too! Those are such good taper ideas. A massage is such a nice treat. I went to yoga last night and I think I might go again tomorrow to have something to do with myself!

  2. Jessica May 19, 2016 / 11:26 am

    So good to see you there. I can’t believe your 100 miles is so close. You will do SO WELL!

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