Back to Training (Weekly Recap)

running country roadThis week, I am finally back to (basically) normal training! I ran 4 days instead of 5 but I ran 60km+ with no knee pain so things are looking up. I went to the gym a little more than usual this week because I realized that before I got injured I had neglected going as much as I should have. I think strength training is a really important part of not getting injured so I’m putting more of a conscious effort into it.

There are SIX days until the North Face Endurance Challenge DC and I’m leaving in 4 days! Last year, this race was my first ultra so I’m really excited to go back. I think that I’ve grown a lot as a runner in the last year and I definitely know more of what to expect going into the race this time.

I will know by tomorrow which distance I’m running (50k or 50 miles) but whatever the distance, my goals are still the same. To have a fun and relaxed race, to try my 100 mile nutrition strategy, and get some substantial time on my feet. If it’s warm enough to run in shorts, that would be a big bonus!

trail torontoI am using this race and the next two races after this as training runs for my 100 miler. It’s hard to get in really long training runs in the city (and even more so on trail) so a race is a perfect excuse to get out there.

Besides all the running, I am still really enjoying being home after all that time travelling at the beginning of March. It’s really nice to cook my own food, have clean running clothes and sleep in my own bed. Training is a lot easier when you’re on a schedule that you control!

sunrise beach runI’ve also been following the Barkley Marathons on twitter (#BM100) all weekend and that has been a lot of fun, I really hope there’s a female finisher this year! My training doesn’t compare but here is what I did this week!

Training this week:
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 10km & 45min bootcamp
Wednesday – 15km sunrise run
Thursday – rest
Friday – 16km & 45min bootcamp
Saturday – 45min bootcamp
Sunday – 25km

How was your week? Do you incorporate strength training into your training?

Happy running!


2 thoughts on “Back to Training (Weekly Recap)

  1. Jessica April 5, 2016 / 9:45 am

    YAY! So happy to hear you are back and healthy. 🙂

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