Weekly Recap

trail running torontoI’ve been dealing with a potential knee injury so my coach and I decided it was best to take the week off running until I could have it looked at when I got back to Toronto. Thankfully, I could still walk without pain so that’s what I did. I walked a lot.

canals copenhagenThe best way to explore a new city is to walk around it and I was lucky enough to be exploring very walkable Copenhagen this week. My friend that I was there with had an activity monitor on her watch so we kept track of how far we walked each day. Some days we even made it to more than 15km!

While not running isn’t ideal, I feel good about spending so much time on my feet. I managed to walk 80k+ this week!

copenhagenI arrived back in Toronto late on Saturday night and on Sunday I ran 10k to test out my knee. I am going to see my athletic therapist today to see what’s happening with my knee.

Workout recap:
Monday – 12.5k walk
Tuesday – 11k walk
Wednesday – 16.5k walk
Thursday – 14.3k walk + 30 min strength workout
Friday – 15.5k walk
Saturday – 10.3k walk
Sunday – 10k run

How was your week? Did you reach your weekly running (or walking) goals?

Happy running!


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