January 2016 Recap

IMG_2399We’ve made it through the first month of 2016 and it went by incredibly quickly! This post is a little late due to a family emergency but it’s here now!

I’ve had a really busy month including checking a few items off my bucket list like finally making it to the Grand Canyon and trail running in Vegas!

IMG_2387Running wise, I have had a pretty good month. After an injury filled end of 2015, I am back to usual training and ran 220km this month. Thankfully the weather has been pretty mild in Toronto so running outside hasn’t been too bad yet (I’m tricking myself into thinking that it will stay this way all winter…).


One of my biggest accomplishments this month has been that I have brought my lunch to work every day, I haven’t bought my lunch once! One of the reasons that I’ve been able to do it is because I’ve been making a conscious effort at meal planning. I’m going to try to keep this streak going for as much of 2016 as possible!

Goals for February:

  • foam roll every night – I really have to make sure to do this, especially as my coach is upping the mileage.
  • continue to the bringing my lunch streak – I feel so much better when I eat homemade food so I really need to make this a priority, maybe I can even make it all of 2016!
  • do my physio exercises 3 times a week – this is one of those things that when I’m busy and tired it’s easy to neglect until an old injury flares up again and I realize that I could have easily prevented it.
  • do yoga once a week – this sounds like it should be easy but for some reason when it’s between yoga and the couch, the couch usually wins. I feel much better when I do even a little bit of yoga and get to stretch out so I’ll be making this a priority this month.

How was your January? Are you trying anything new for February?

Happy running!


3 thoughts on “January 2016 Recap

  1. margecake February 3, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    awesome! lunch streak is super hard! I’m working on breakfast! lol

    • KatherineRunsUltras February 5, 2016 / 5:18 pm

      Breakfast is hard too, so easy to buy things on the way to work! Good luck!

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