Gear Review: 2XU Thermal Compression Tights

IMG_2101Disclaimer: I received 2XU Thermal Compression Tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Winter running tights and I have had a very trying relationship. I’ve never found tights that I loved and did everything that I wanted them to, namely keeping my legs and butt warm. Because of my long search for ideal winter running tights, I was really excited to try 2XU thermal tights.


When the tights first arrived, it wasn’t very cold outside but I wore them anyway. In the last month I’ve worn them through all sorts of different weather from -10C to rain to running in the desert. And the tights have done a great job of standing up to every test that I’ve put them through.


IMG_2385I have had compression socks for a while but I had never tried compression tights until these arrived. The compression alone would have sold me on them! I sometimes leave them on after I get home to let the compression do its thing.

When the tights first arrived, I was eager to try them out so I wore them to the gym as well as running. I was worried about how tight they were and whether they’d be stretchy enough for a hard workout but they stood up the stretching of lunges and squats really well!


Another big selling feature for me is how reflective the tights are. At this time of year in Canada, there’s a lot of running in the dark and I love any help I can get to be more visible. It’s easy to find reflective running jackets but you don’t often see pants that are so reflective and it’s a feature that I really love.

I have worn the tights alone in weather down to -10C and I would advise putting a second layer on top of them if it’s much colder than -5C. A second layer is easy to do because they’re tight so all my other running tights fit on top. I have found that these tights are ideal for runs where it’s around 0C outside. They also stand up really well to wet weather, the tights don’t get soggy when you wear them on cold rainy days.

I’m always hesitant to order pants online without trying them. On the 2XU website, there is a sizing chart and a note to say that if you are on a sizing border to order the size down. That’s what I did and the tights fit great, they’re tight like compression pants should be.

These tights and I have traveled quite a bit together and I haven’t found anything that they can’t take! These have become my new go to running tights. I love the way they fit and they are super comfortable to run in. I finally found winter running tights that I love!

What do you look for in winter running tights? Have you tried compression tights?

Happy running!


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