Happy (almost) New Year!

1909956_10153927350741869_3919439713172212445_nI’m currently sitting in a cabin in the woods in western North Carolina relaxing and enjoying the end of 2015. My internet connection is unreliable which is great for a vacation that supposed to be full of relaxing but not great for updating this blog so expect lots of updates as soon as I’m back to the world of high speed internet.

Want to follow my runcation? I’m updating Instagram and Twitter in the brief moments of internet connection!

1915395_10153927354411869_2884512761815820953_nIronically I was interviewed for an article about winter running that came out on a day when a snow storm hit Toronto and I was enjoying running in shorts in North Carolina. But if you’re gearing up for winter running, you can read the article here. If you have no need to read an article about winter running then I’m extremely jealous of you!

My foot seems to have made a full recovery and I’m slowly ramping back up my training. Last week I ran 40.7km and this week I am scheduled for a 50km week. Being back to running is great!

A post about 2016 goals is coming up next on the blog!

What was your highlight of 2015?

Happy running!


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