Weekend Recap

IMG_1941This is the first weekend in months that I have run on Saturday and Sunday. Neither run was very far but I am still so excited to have been running on both days! So far, my foot is still feeling good too.

My office closes for two weeks over the holidays so Friday was my last day of work before the break. It’s so nice that my Sunday this week is really still a weekend day 😀

Friday night Callum and I went to see Star Wars, I actually had only seen one other Star Wars movie before Friday but I watched a recap YouTube video so I understood what was going on. The movie was great and I think over the next couple weeks, I might actually watch a few more.


Today, I went to my first RunTOBeer run (pic above). It’s a run that ends at a brewery with free beer, what more could you want from a run! Lots of people from my running group had been to these runs previously so I decided to check it out. My friend nicely decided to come with me even though she isn’t running much at the moment. It was great! I met more runners which is always fun and sampled some new beers.

I am looking forward to enjoying a low key Christmas with my family this week and then we’re off to Asheville, NC for some trail running and relaxing! Asheville has been on my radar for a while because of its beautiful trails and abundance of vegetarian food so I’ll be sure to share my findings with you!

Training this week:
Monday – restIMG_1957
Tuesday – 7.5km run
Wednesday – 45 min swim
Thursday – 8.5km run + 45min bootcamp
Friday – rest
Saturday – 45min bootcamp + 5km run
Sunday – 10km run with RunTOBeer

How was your week? What’re you up to for the holidays?! Any Asheville recommendations?

Happy running!


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