Weekend Recap

IMG_1919An injury update is coming soon but I am back to running slowly but surely! I can only run every other day right now which I’m liking because it gives me the time to do other activities too. My weekend involved a lot of getting together with friends before everyone is busy/away during the holidays. I think I even finished my Christmas shopping, now I just need to wrap everything/DIY a few more gifts. My office closes for two weeks during the holidays so this is my last week at work and I can’t wait for two weeks off!

How was your weekend? Are you ready for the holidays?

Here are 5 things from my weekend:

  1. The Barkley Marathons. I have wanted to see this doc for SO long but when it was playing in Toronto recently, I couldn’t make it to any of the showings. Thankfully, I found out that it was being released last week and I bought it (I think it’s the first movie that I’ve bought in years!). So Friday night Callum and I had big plans to watch it and it did not disappoint. It’s a great doc that does a such a good job of showing you what the race is really like. I highly recommend it!
  2. Sunday runs. Finally, I got to do a Sunday run! It was only 7km but I was so happy to be out there and I can’t wait for the distances to start to increase. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed my weekends being filled with running.
  3. Brunch. I went with some friends for Persian brunch on Sunday at Tavoos Restaurant in Toronto. I’ve been there a couple times before and it’s always really good. I really like how I leave feeling full but not sluggish. I also just love brunch so any weekend that I get to go for brunch is a good weekend!
  4. Holiday get-togethers. Some friends had us over for a holiday potluck on Sunday night and it was so nice to see everyone. When life gets super busy, it always gets tricky see my friends as much as I’d like but the holidays are a great excuse to get together and I’m taking full advantage.
  5. Bike commuting. I don’t know about you but we’re having unseasonably warm weather so I’m still using my bike to get around. It’s a great way to get a little extra cardio in! Plus in Toronto, it almost always takes about the same amount of time to bike, drive or take transit so I usually opt for the bike option because it’s free, it gets me more outside time and it’s WAY more enjoyable than sitting in traffic. So until the snow comes, I’ll keep biking!

Watch for my holiday shopping wishlist later this week.

Happy running!


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