Weekend Recap

IMG_1827I was hoping that this would be my first weekend back to running but my foot injury had different ideas so there was no running. My fingers are crossed that this is really my last weekend of not running! I haven’t had any foot pain since Wednesday and I’m going to see my athletic therapist tomorrow for a plan on gradually getting back to running. I can’t wait!

Here are 5 things from my weekend:

  1. Missed races. I was supposed to run the Tannenbaum 10k today but my athletic therapist said that if I did I would need another week of rest so I decided it wasn’t worth it. This is the first time that I ever signed up for a race and didn’t start it but it was bound to happen eventually. My friend ran in my place and she said that it was a good race and even had scones at the end!!
  2. Running documentaries. If I can’t run, I might as well watch about other people running. This weekend I watched a doc about Carlos Sa running Badwater 135, you can find it here on YouTube. It was really interesting to actually see the course because a lot of these famous ultras I have read race reports about but you never see the course. Badwater is not an appealing race to me but people’s ability to complete it is amazing.
  3. Reading an entire book. The movie based on the book Room came out recently but I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie. I started reading it on Friday and I actually finished it this morning. I don’t usually read entire books in a weekend but the book was great, I highly recommend it!
  4. IMG_1771Christmas Market. On Friday, we drove to Kitchener (an hour outside of Toronto) to go to the Christkindl Market, an authentic German Christmas market. It was very comparable to the Christmas Market in the Distillery District in Toronto but it was nice to go on an adventure and leave the city.
  5. Walking errands. On usual weekends when I run a lot, I’m tired so all I want to do is to eat and sleep. Since I’m not running, I have a lot of energy and time so Callum and I decided to go on a long walk to do our errands and get a couple groceries on Saturday. It’s around 6km roundtrip. It was nice weather and the dog always like when she gets to go on adventures too so it was a perfect weekend adventure.

How was your weekend? Did you have any races?

Happy running!


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