Getting Back After a Break

IMG_1828When I originally decided to take a 3 week break from running, I thought that would be a long time. That 3 weeks ended up turning into 4 weeks and when it was over, I was more than ready to get back to running.

My coach and I decided it was time to get back and I was sent a pretty conservative schedule that was for a 40k week. It turns out that my foot had other ideas about what I should be doing.

Two weeks ago, I stepped out of the car and got a stabbing pain in my foot. I figured it would just go away but it didn’t. I went to see a physiotherapist and then my regular athletic therapist (AT) who both concluded that it wasn’t too bad but I had irritated some tendons in my foot probably from getting back to running too quickly after my break.

I was told to take a couple days off and when my foot stopped hurting I could start running again but to ease back into it. I waited and then when my foot didn’t hurt so much I ran. Running didn’t make my foot hurt more but the injury also was clearly not getting better.

I went for a run longer than an hour (for the first time in weeks!) on Sunday and it was so great to be out on the trails. My foot didn’t hurt while I was running but it definitely was not happy afterwards. By this point I was getting really frustrated with this whole not getting worse but not getting better thing.

I emailed my AT about the issues I was having and the fact that I am supposed to be running a 10k race this weekend. He said that I wouldn’t seriously injure myself if I raced but afterwards I would really have to give my foot a rest.

I am currently at day 3 of absolutely no running so I didn’t want to run this weekend and then have to do this all again next week. Also, my foot is completely pain free for the first time in weeks! So I gave my friend my race registration and I’m sitting this weekend out in hopes that next week I’ll get to start gradually running again.

Until then I am swimming and biking and taking the dog for adventures on the trails that I would rather be running. It’s funny how during peak training all I could think about was a long break and now that it’s here all I want is to get back to it!

My end of season break seems to have turned itself into an off season but hopefully I’ll be back running soon!

Do you take an off season from running?

Happy running!


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