Weekend Recap

IMG_1821I am hoping that this is my last weekend without any long runs. I am really starting to miss long runs, even the back-to-backs that come with ultra training. I think I’ll probably regret this statement in a couple of months but for now, all I want is to be able to run far! A couple days ago when I was complaining, Callum made a joke about how it sounded like I was addicted to heroin the way that I talk about not being able to run. But right now, all I want is to run and run and run!

Here are 4 things from my weekend:

  1. IMG_1815Long drives. We went to go visit our friends who live a couple of hours away. It was so nice to see them and to get out of the city even if it was only for a night.
  2. Muddy trails. I did get out for an 8km trail run and part of it was full of really muddy trails and the rest was just beautiful. I did it as a test for my foot, we’ll see how my foot feels tomorrow. I discovered a new trail while I was out there. I’ll definitely be going back to it because it tacks on at least another 1km each direction on my usual trail route. I love exploring the trails!
  3. IMG_1770Pizza. I might not be in heavy training but I still love carbs. I tried out this completely whole wheat pizza dough and it turned out so well, I definitely recommend it! Plus, it’s whole wheat so it’s healthy, right?
  4. Bootcamp classes. My gym only has morning classes on weekends which is great because it forces me out of bed. I dragged Callum to an 8:15am bootcamp class and it was tough to get up but I always feel so great after. It was a perfect way to start a weekend that involved lots of sitting in a car and eating.

How was your weekend? Any great trails or delicious food?

An update on the foot injury is coming soon! Next weekend, I am supposed to be running the Tannenbaum 10k in Toronto so my fingers are crossed that my foot will be all better by them.

Happy running!


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