Weekend Recap

IMG_1735I started my weekend with going to physio to have my foot pain checked out. I have an athletic therapist (AT) that I usually see but he was busy so I decided to go see someone new. I was being impatient about waiting and was happy to get a second opinion. Having said that, I am going to see my usual AT tonight to get his opinion on my foot pain and some exercises to strengthen my weak areas (glutes, hamstrings) since I’m starting a new training cycle next week.

5 things from my weekend:

  1. Brunch. I don’t know about you but I really love brunch. In my books, there’s nothing better! I started my weekend by going over to my friend’s house for a delicious home made brunch. If I can’t run for now, I might as well eat delicious food!
  2. Physio. During my physio appt. my feet we’re tested for all sorts of weaknesses and everything seemed good except the site of the pain. The PT thinks that my body probably always had this weakness but I usually run enough that it’s compensated for. However, after taking almost a month off with absolutely no running, my foot got a little irritated about me going back to running multiple days in a row immediately. So the plan right now is to rest a couple days and then start running again but not on consecutive days for the first week or so.
  3. IMG_1777Organizing my running clothes. This is one of the things that I never have time for. My running clothes go in the running clothes drawer or basket (most the time) but the whole thing was getting a little unruly. I sorted through and got rid of old race shirts and organized by clothing type i.e. all the shirts, sweaters, long sleeves together and the bottoms somewhere else. It felt SO productive!
  4. Meal planning. My goal every week is to plan the meals for the whole week so that there’s no question about what is for dinner. This saves a lot of time and money because we don’t waste so many groceries and there’s less temptation to go out. The last couple weeks with all my spare time from not running on weekends, I’ve been so proactive at doing this.
  5. IMG_1778Swim workout. I was getting really antsy about not being able to run to I decided go swimming. Usually when I swim, I just casually do laps because I use it as an easy workout. On Sunday, I decided I wanted to try something more structured. Here’s what I did (also written on my hand) and it was super challenging! It also took my over an hour and really felt like a good workout.Warm-up: Swim 200 to 400 meters at an easy pace.
    Main set: Complete 12 x 100 meters. For the first 25 meters, take a breath every three strokes. From 25 to 50 meters, take a breath every five strokes, and from 50 to 75 meters, take a breath only every seven strokes. Sprint for the last 25 meters of the set.
    Cooldown: Swim 100 to 200 meters easy. From www.active.com

How was your weekend? Have you tried swim workouts?

Happy running!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. audrey November 26, 2015 / 9:32 pm

    Hope everything turns out for your foot!! Take it slow and rest is good!! Keep at it 🙂

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