Winter Running Gear

IMG_1378After last week’s post on winter running tips, I thought that I would do a post about what I wear to run in the winter.

One of the most important things for me is socks. When it’s really cold, I wear Wright Socks. They are double lined and stay dry basically whatever you do to them. I really can’t say enough good things about these socks. If you we’re going to buy something new for winter running, I’d recommend these socks. When it’s really cold, I have a lot of trouble keeping my extremities warm but not my feet in proper socks!

I usually wear a base layer, depending on the temperature either long or short sleeved shirt. Then I wear a running hoodie.

I have a Nike Run hoodie that I bought years ago and it’s perfect. What makes it perfect? It’s fleece-ish on the inside, a little wind resistant on the outside and it has a hood and hand covers. It turns out it’s incredibly difficult to find a running sweater that has all these things and Nike doesn’t make the sweater anymore. I think I recently found a close substitute from Sugoi thankfully because my after 3 winters, my Nike sweater has seen better days.

As a final top layer I wear some kind of wind breaker. I have a jacket from the Running Room that works pretty well. You really just need something to keep the wind from being able to blow right through your clothes.

I wear shorts as long as possible but when it gets under 0C, I wear running tights. I have some from MEC that I bought the first winter I decided to run outside all winter and they work pretty well when it’s average cold. But when it’s freezing I find that they don’t keep me warm enough. This has been an ongoing problem so last winter when it was consecutively freezing (around -15C for days) I bought new running tights from New Balance. They are a little better but still my legs get really cold. Has anyone found a really great pair of running tights?

I also wear an insulated hat, gloves, a neck warmer and even a balaclava if it’s really really cold!

Honestly, my biggest problem is wearing an appropriate amount of clothes. I really don’t like being cold so I tend to overdress and then I sweat and it freezes and I’m even colder. I have been told that a good rule of thumb is to dress for weather that is 10 degrees (C) warmer than it is outside. I think I’ll try that out this winter but mostly my fingers are crossed that it’s not that bad a winter!

What are your winter running essentials?

Happy running!


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