Weekend Recap

IMG_1716I started off the weekend doing my 9th round of learn to run with my friend. While we were out running, I tried out my new Altra shoes that arrived during the week. They felt great but my calf hurt a little the next day so I think for now I’ll just wear them for learn to run.


This weekend was the last weekend of my recovery before I start back to training so I tried to relax and enjoy that.

Here are 5 highlights from my weekend:

  1. Homemade espresso. During the week, Callum received a package from one of his friends that had a stove top aluminium espresso maker in it and we have been making homemade espresso drinks non-stop. It’s dangerous! It’s been a well-caffeinated weekend.
  2. Weekend hikes in the city. There’s a great trail system in Toronto that most people don’t know about. We took the dog on a 4km round trip walk and never saw another person on the trail.
  3. Learn to run. I made a post about this earlier in the week but it continues to be rewarding. We made it almost 6km this time, farther than my friend has ever run!
  4. Pilates. I always forget how hard they are! They start off easy and yoga-like and then proceed to kill your abs. I don’t go often enough to get better or remember how hard it is and I’m always shocked all over again when I go the next time.
  5. IMG_1715The Santa Claus parade. My best friend and I have very well established Christmas traditions and one of them is that we always go to the Santa Claus parade together. This year she’s unfortunately away so I went with my brother, niece and Callum. It was tons of fun to experience the parade with a 3 year old!

This week is the start of a 26-week training plan and I finally am done with this recovery time. It’s been really nice but itching to get to run!

How was your weekend?

Happy running!

p.s. check out my guest blog post on AHHA Living about recovery here!


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