Weekend Recap


I worked from home on Thursday and Friday of last week so in some ways it felt like a really long weekend. On Friday, I had a rest day so besides walking the dog a lot and doing some stretching, I didn’t do any exercise.

Saturday, I went to a 45 min bootcamp class at my gym and it was Lucy’s (the dog) birthday so I came home and took her for a 45 min walk at the park. It’s been beautiful weather here so I was happy to take advantage of it, even if I didn’t get to run.

Saturday afternoon, the Ontario Ultra Series (renamed to OUTRace) had a film screening of Trails in Motion. The description didn’t really tell you what film you were going to see so I had no idea whether it was a bunch of films or just one long one. It turned out to be a bunch of different length films on trail running. You can find out more about each film and the festival here.

The first film was essentially a bunch of badly narrated shots of a guy running through the woods really fast so I was a little worried that we would be watching that for two hours, thankfully turned out not to be the case!

The next film was called Around Patagonia and was the story of Jason Schlarb attempting the FKT (fastest known time) record through Torres del Paine on the O and W circuit. It had a lot of beautiful imagery and he ended up getting the FKT by a couple of hours. Next was a film that was an interview with Bernd Heinrich about his running career, that was really interesting. His love of running was very clear and I really connected with that.

The next movie was the longest and the best, it was Finding Traction the story of Nikki Kimball’s run for the Long Trail Record. You can watch it here. If you are interested in ultras, I highly recommend it! It has a lot of heart warming moments about the charity (Girls on the Run Vermont) she was raising money for and an important narrative of the place of women in sport and sport sponsorships. What struck me was also that I didn’t really know who she was before watching the documentary but her accomplishments are equally as impressive as Scott Jurek, Rob Krar or Dean Karnazes but those men are so much more well known.

There were a few more short films played but these are the ones that really stuck with me. Since I’ve been told to take one more week of recovery before starting to run again, it was really great to watch all about running.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty low key with a ~16km round trip bike ride to brunch this morning and a 5km run this afternoon with my friend that I’m teaching to run. Teaching learn to run is my one running break exception. My experience with teaching someone to run deserves its own post and will get one later this week.

I was interviewed about my running experiences and I keep forgetting to post it. Check it out here!

That’s it for me! How was your weekend? Did you know who Nikki Kimball is?

Happy running!


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