Running and Travelling: Lausanne, Switzerland

IMG_1307My blogging has been non-existent recently with all the travelling but I’m back to it and I have a bunch of posts coming to catch you up on my adventures. At the end of June and beginning of July, Callum and I went on a little European adventure. We hadn’t been to Europe since we backpacked for a couple of months in 2012 so I was excited for this adventure.

Callum was hired to photograph a wedding in Lausanne (you can look at the beautiful photos here) or else we probably never would have gone to Switzerland. Since Callum was going to be busy, I recruited a friend (who lives in Germany) to come to Lausanne too so we could do fun things while Callum worked. The problem with this was that my friend was already on the right time so she wanted to do things in the morning and I just wanted to sleep in.

The first morning, I had to run 10k so I woke up early and off I went. It took at least a km for my watch to find satellites. I ran down to the water to see Lake Geneva and I only got lost a little bit. Where we were staying was on a hill so the run down was lovely but the run back up was steep. That was the last time that I did that! After that, we spent the rest of the day exploring and wandering. We went up a tower on top of a hill that had amazing views the city and we even ran into a wedding in the old part of the city.

The next day, we had a plan to hike in the Alps but I knew that I also had to get my long run in or else it wasn’t going to get done so I talked my friend into taking the train to the beginning of the hike and I would run and meet her there. I mapped my way from Lausanne to Montreax and decided it looked do-able and was around 26km which combined with the hike right afterwards would give me enough distance for my long run.

I set off early (for vacation) on Saturday morning and ran along Lake Geneva all the way to Montreax. The maps took me through the centre of a small town that was having a farmer’s market and everyone looked a little confused about me running through. But during most of the run, I was running beside the road with hills of vineyards to my left and the lake and Alps to my right. It is one of the most picturesque runs I will probably ever get to do. I arrived in Montreax within 5 minutes of my expected arrival time and I was super proud of myself but my friend hadn’t properly explained that when she got off her train, we had 4 minutes to catch the train up the Alps for our hike. When I found her she couldn’t understand why I didn’t already have my ticket, oops! I did try to explain that running was not an exact science so while I did leave early, that doesn’t mean that I’m always right about how long a run will take, especially when the run is in the 30km territory. Anyway, we made the train with about 10 seconds to spare and I changed into the clean clothes I had brought in my hydration pack and we we’re off!

We ended up just taking the train up the Alps and hiking back down but that suited my already tired legs wonderfully. The hike looked a lot like hikes that I have done near Vancouver but the scenery was beautiful and we stopped halfway and had a picnic. When we got back down to Montreax, we wandered around a little but we were both tired and I really needed a shower so we headed back to Lausanne on the train.

The next day, Callum and I caught a plane to Edinburgh to start the part of the trip when we would both be on vacation (not just me). Switzerland was beautiful and there were so many outdoor activities to do! I’m really happy to have had the opportunity to see but it was incredibly expensive! I had been warned but I didn’t fully grasp until we arrived how expensive it was. It’s a good thing that we only spend a long weekend there because otherwise I don’t think we would have had any money left.

Next up is Scotland, where we adventured through the Highlands and spend some time climbing hills in Ediburgh!

Happy running!


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