Training Week

training this weekThis week, it was back to real life and no more days of wandering around Lisbon in the morning and only working in the afternoons. When I went to get coffee earlier this week at work, I saw the sign below and that’s exactly how I’ve felt all week. It’s been a tiring week with lots of running that’s required lots of coffeeIMG_1270

Last Sunday, I went for a trail run to try out my new Brooks Cascadias. The shoes worked pretty well but whenever I wear new shoes they make my feet go numb until I get close to 100k in them. So I was expecting the foot numbing, hopefully I can wear them enough to break them in before I go to Scotland in a couple weeks and wear them for hiking.

This week was the first time I had done a 20k long run during the week. I got home late and didn’t get as much sleep as usual that night because eating dinner at 10pm post-run threw my whole night off. Anyway, because of that on Thursday, all day I thought to myself how I would really love a rest day because I was tired. I went home after work and then got immediately into my running clothes and went out, I ran slow and took it easy. When I was looking at my training schedule that night, I saw that Thursday was a rest day!! Oops! So I took Friday as a rest day instead which was a great start to the weekend.

I have been trying to remember to do some glute and foot strengthening exercises as my weekly mileage increases to stay healthy. I am also trying to foam roll every night. I find that both of these things help a lot but unfortunately, as I run more I also have less to do them and that is when I need them most. So that’s the goal for the next week, more working to be a better runner in way that do not involve running!

Here’s what my week looked like:

Sunday – 18k trails
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 10k and 45 min bootcamp
Wednesday – 20k
Thursday – 10k
Friday – rest
Saturday – 14k trails and 45 stability ball class

What’s your goal for next week?

Happy running!



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