Training and Travelling

training this weekI have missed the last couple weeks of training week posts because I have been away but I’m going to recap the last two weeks in this post.

May 23 – Sulphur Springs 20k of 100mile relay
May 24 – rest
May 25 – 10k
May 26 – rest
May 27 – 18k
May 28 – 10k
May 29 – 14k
May 30 – rest
May 31 – 28k (Lisbon to Cascais which you can read about here)
June 1 – rest
June 2 – 10k
June 3 – rest (supposed to be 10k but I was really tired)
June 4 – 8k
June 5 – 10k
June 6 – rest

On May 23rd after I ran at Sulphur, I can back to Toronto packed and went to the airport to fly to Bilbao, Spain. It took about 24hrs to get there with a long layover in Heathrow so I was really happy that it was supposed to be a rest day anyway.

I find that running really helps with adjusting to a new time zone. Running on my first day in Bilbao was great, it was a good way to see the city and woke me up because I was really tired after 24hr of travel.

I usually have no trouble keeping to a training schedule when travelling, as long as my work days aren’t too long but once I got to Lisbon it was tough. Because of the time difference, I was doing touristy things in the morning and then working in the afternoon/evening to coincide with the time in Toronto. Getting to do touristy things meant a lot of walking though! I think a lot of the days I was walking 5km+ and then also running according to my training schedule. By the last couple of days I was exhausted and didn’t want to run the exact same route again so I skipped my run, I think this is the first time that I have ever done that.

Last week was schedule to be lower mileage because it was a rest week so I have been trying to treat it that way because I won’t get that many more of them. This week I am back to an 80km+ week!

Do you push through or take rest days when you need them? Do you have trouble running and travelling?

Happy running!



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