Another Week of Running!

training this week

Sorry this post is a little late, it’s a holiday weekend here and I have all my days confused! After some cold weather last week, it is like summer here again which is great for running! I just hope that this isn’t a sign that it’s going to be a crazy hot summer. I have a lot of running planned and really hot, humid weather and I are not friends.

I had big plans about running 10k on Sunday but woke up with a migraine so that was the end of that. Instead, I made my mom a mother’s day dinner and relaxed.

This week, I started riding my bike to work which is a sure sign of summer. It’s still pretty chilly in the morning but it is great to get to work energized and to get my legs moving on the way home after sitting all day. It’s a really busy and stressful time at work plus with my weekly mileage beginning to increase, by Friday I was exhausted and actually slept over 10 hours.

Here is what my week looked like:
Sunday – rest (supposed to run 10k)
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 10k and 45 min bootcamp
Wednesday – 11k
Thursday – 10k
Friday – 13.5k and 45 min bootcamp
Saturday – rest

This Saturday I am heading to Sulphur Springs to run one lap (20k) of a 100 mile relay. Thankfully, I am the first lap of the relay because later that day I am flying to Spain for work so expect lots of exciting updates about running in Spain and Portugal.

How was your week? How are you enjoying the weather?




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