Motivation Monday

“The days that you feel the least like running are usually the days that you need it the most.”


I don’t know if I am just late to the game but I discovered this blog this week about a mom and her ultra running kids. I know that letting kids run ultras is super controversial and I am not here to way in on that but I do think that is it incredibly inspiring! A 9-year-old having the motivation and drive to stay committed for days of running is definitely awe-worthy. Most the adults I know couldn’t accomplish that.

Another thing that is motivating me is this flower I got at the end of the Seaton Soaker is somehow still alive (over a week later) and sitting in my living and I think of the race every time I walk by it. It’s great to have such a pretty race reminder sitting in my living room!





Finally, as all runners know, the best way to keep yourself motivated is to go sign up for a race so as soon as I am done this post that is exactly what I am doing! I am signing up to run 50k at the North Face Endurance Challenge Series at Blue Mountain in just 61 days. Less than two months, better keep running!

How do you keep yourself motivated? Any great races planned for the summer?

Happy running!


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