A Fall, A Trip and A Race

training this week

I have recently found some new trails around my house. This is pretty exciting in my world! When I started running on trails in the fall, the leaves were already turning so running with the trails in full bloom is a completely new experience to me. There hasn’t been a lot of rain here recently so the trails have been dry and I’ve been really enjoying running on them and finding new ones to explore.


Last Sunday, I was on a trail that I’ve been frequently but only made it to the end a couple of times because it gets pretty tough near the end. I was 6 or 7km in and exhausted, I think maybe I didn’t eat enough before and I had decided that for 14km, I didn’t need to bring any food with me. So there I was going along, enjoying myself but also definitely feeling low energy. Then out of nowhere, a tree root and I tripped and fell.

This is the first time I have fallen since starting to run on the trails. A couple times I have been stuck in mud and slow motion fallen over but in a way that I knew I was slowly going down and could react. This time it just happened all of a sudden and I was sliding down a hill. I got up and inspected the damage, scraped and bleeding knees and dirt all over one side of my body but mostly my hands hurt from catching myself. I dusted myself off, walked for a few minutes to get over the shock of it and then started running again.

At some point, I was going to have to have my first fall and I am glad to be done with it. It made me realize how solemnly adults participate in activities where they are pushing their limits enough to fall and scrap your knees like a kid. I very clearly remember scrapping my knees all the time as a kid but I didn’t remember how uncomfortable it is to have bruised knees! Thankfully, my knees are mostly healed and my first fall experience is over.

I spent my week in Vegas for work and did all my weekday running there (you can read about it here).

Sunday – 14km
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 6km
Wednesday – 10km
Thursday – 6km
Friday – bike ride (15km)
Saturday – 25km at Seaton Soaker (race report here!)

And that’s my week! How was your week? Have you had your first trail running fall?


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