Running and Travelling: Las Vegas


For the next few months, I will be travelling quite a bit so I decided to post about my experience running on my trips. This week, I went to Las Vegas for a trade show. When I travel for work, I usually have some spare time but this time it was a busy trip with meetings all day and business dinners and events every night. I have been to Vegas before so I knew that I could run on the strip and it’s always interesting.

With the time difference, I was waking up really early so I went running just before 7am, every morning I was there. There are a surprising number of runners on the strip in the morning. There were also lots of people stumbling back from clubs and still partying. Way more interesting than a usual 7am run! The first morning, I ran south on the strip the first morning and the next morning I ran north so through my time there, I ran from the Stratosphere to Mandalay Bay (basically the entire strip).


Thankfully in the morning, half the strip is in the shade and it actually wasn’t very hot. I think there some truth to it when people say that dry heat doesn’t feel so hot. By the time I finished running, usually by 8am, the strip was packed with people! There is always music blasting on to the sidewalks and there are TVs all over the place, it was like built in running entertainment.

I was staying near the Flamingo so one morning I had breakfast there (a Vegas buffet!). I usually avoid buffets because I can’t eat enough to make it worth it but everything in Vegas is so expensive, I decided that it was worth it to get a variety of things to eat that weren’t just carbs. What I didn’t know what there are actual flamingos at the Flamingo! The buffet overlooks the flamingos. Also, the buffet started serving lunch at 9am, my kind of place.


On the last day there, I finally got a little bit of time to go to the pool. Last year when I was in Vegas for this trade show, I never even saw my hotel’s pool so I decided that I’d find a little time to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was really nice to relax and try to stop my shorts tan before it  gets any worse.


It’s always hard to run when you’re away (whether work or vacation) because all your habits are out the window but I find that running while away is the most rewarding. You get to see parts of cities that you would never otherwise see. It seems to help me with time changes and is a great reason to get outside!

Where’s your favourite place to run? Do you run when on vacation/away for work?


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