Motivation Monday

Did anyone else see this article about how runners forget how painful marathons are? I’ve been using this analogy comparing marathon running to child birth for a long time. When I saw this article, I ran over to Callum and was like “see this, they stole my analogy”. I’ve always thought it was similar because there’s a long build up, the actual event is super painful and you wonder why you decided to do this and then at the end, you forget about the pain and decide to do it again. Just as a disclaimer, I do not have kids so maybe after I have given birth I will give up on my analogy but for now, I think it makes a lot of sense.
THIS! I think this every time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.01.18 PM

I discovered this week and I love reading her race reports and her evolution as a runner. In one of her race reports, she wrote this and it really got me.

“The ultra distance is an amazing thing. I told my sister: ‘No matter what has happened in your life before, or what will happen in your future, nobody can ever take that ultra away from you. When you’re an ultra runner, you’re a runner forever. You could go out the next day, join a gym and hire a personal trainer. And that trainer may not ever accomplish what you just did. You can flip through a magazine and pick out the most beautiful girl on those pages, and that girl’s body may never be as strong as yours. Her legs will never carry her this far. After an ultra, you are beyond beautiful. You are unbreakable.'” – from this post.

Those are all the things that are motivating me this week. What is motivating you?!


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