Training Week

training this week

Good morning Toronto!

This week spring has finally sprung in Toronto! It is warm and flowers are blooming, there is green grass for the first time in months and we’ve had a week of warm weather. This is the time of year where I am so grateful for running because it allows me to spend so much time outside in the lovely weather.

Last year, I ran a marathon around now but did not properly train for it and paid the price with an knee injury that stopped me from running until the late summer. What I remember most about the injury was how frustrating it was as the weather started to get warmer and ideal for running and I was in pain just walking. A large part of the reason for the injury was weak glutes (a common problem for runners) so keep working on those glutes because sitting at home as the weather just gets nicer and nicer is no fun! Runners World has a lot of videos on strengthening your glutes. At this point, I usually do some one-legged squats as part of my warm-up before I run, my athletic therapist said this is a good habit to get it in. That’s enough about glutes, here is what my week looked like.

Sunday – 14km easy
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 6km easy, 45 minute bootcamp
Wednesday – 10km, yoga day 5
Thursday – 6km, 45 minutes bootcamp
Friday – 10km
Saturday – rest

The yoga days are part of a 30 day yoga challenge that I found on youtube (Yoga with Adriene) and decided to try out. With the frequency I am doing the videos, it is going to be closer to a 60 day challenge but I figure even a little yoga is helpful.

And that was my week! Hopefully I’m a little better at the yoga challenge next week. I’m off on a work trip on Monday to Las Vegas so there should be some exciting pics in the post next week. I am also running the Seaton Soaker (25k) on Saturday so look out for a race report!

How was your training week?

Recipe for this week was carrot cake pancakes. I made them from the Isa Does It cookbook (which I highly recommend) but this recipe is similar but not vegan. Cookie and Kate Carrot Cake Pancakes.

May 2nd 2015 Pictures-1


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