Recovery Week

training this week

After the 50k just over a week ago, last week has been all about recovery. The weather has mostly been rainy and cold for the end of April so it makes staying at home relaxing a lot easier. I have taken the dog for some nice long walks and generally enjoyed having a little extra time. I was getting a little antsy on Monday so I found a 30 day yoga challenge on youtube (yoga with Adriene) and each day is only 30 minutes so it was nice to feel like I was moving at least a little without putting too much stress on my sore muscles. Although doing the 30 day yoga challenge is going to take me closer to 60 days at this rate but I am trying to stick with it!

Sunday – rest
Monday – yoga challenge day 1
Tuesday – yoga challenge day 2
Wednesday – 45 minute stability ball class
Thursday – easy 6km run, yoga day 3
Friday – easy 8km run
Saturday – yoga day 4
Sunday – easy 14km long run

I have decided to add a little section in this weekly post where I let you know my favourite recipe and snack for this week.

Favourite snack – POPCORN! I use coconut oil and have been making it from here so I don’t make too much because if I make it, I’m going to eat it all. I do still usually make twice the amount in that recipe because I’m usually starving when I get home from work and decide to make it.

Favourite recipe – Chopped Power Salad with Baked Tofu and Almond-Miso Dressing. I’ve been really into dinner salads recently and this does not disappoint, it’s delicious!

And that is training for this week! How was your week? Any races last weekend or speedy times in the London Marathon?



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