Motivation Monday

I have decided to start a new section where I post some things that are inspiring me this week so here it goes!

Somehow I’ve been living under a rock and I had only known a little about Paula Radcliffe but what she has accomplished is SO impressive. After I spent a solid hour reading about her, I’m super impressed by her drive and what she’s accomplished. She’s definitely at the top of this Monday’s list of motivating things! Want a motivation to push a little harder? Read about Paula Radcliffe!

There are also lots of inspiring stories coming out of the Boston Marathon – including this! I hope that when I am 80 that I will still be running but I don’t think my knees are going to last that long.

To see the sun rise over the lake. There is nothing more satisfying to me than knowing that I started my day not only accomplishing my run before most people get up but getting to see the sun come up over the horizon.


And if nothing else is working, this video always gets me!

You just have to believe in yourself and you are capable of things that you never imagined possible. I hope you are feeling a little bit more motivated!

What motivates you?


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