Winter Running + Pancakes

Winter has arrived in Toronto!
Winter has arrived in Toronto!

My weekend was full of running and it was chilly! As of early this week, it seems like winter has officially arrived with snow that is staying on the ground and temperatures below 0 °C. I’m not ready!

I have been dreading the temperature dropping and the beginning of snow since I signed up for the 50k race. I am trying to find running alternatives for when it gets really cold because at some point, I won’t be able to stay outside for more than an hour. I live near an indoor track but I also don’t want to run around a 400m track for hours and I don’t have access to a treadmill. I might try to find a friend with a treadmill! Any other ideas?

I am thinking of breaking up my long runs when it get really cold and also getting warmer winter running clothes. My legs are always cold! Any suggestions for good winter running tights?

What am I eating this week?

Saturday Pancakes!



the pancakes all dressed up


One morning of the weekend, I try to make something a little more involved than the toast and oatmeal that fill my weekdays. I really wanted to make pancakes with coconut flour but I had a terrible time finding a recipe that also involved whole wheat flour. Until I found a great recipe for coconut buttermilk pancakes from nutritious eats. I never have buttermilk so I put apple cider vinegar into non-dairy milk and it works out great. I also use coconut oil for the oil called for in the recipe. The pancakes in the picture are topped with homemade apple sauce (recipe to come), chopped almonds and cashews and maple syrup. Other pancake topping favourites are banana slices, chia seeds, hemp seeds, nut butter, fresh fruit or anything that sounds delicious to you!

Here’s my meal plan for the rest of the week:

Sunday – homemade macaroni and cheese from the kitchn (I usually add spinach, tomatoes, olives, and chickpeas)
Monday – quick indian style spinach and chickpeas from one hungry mama (I find this recipe in its original form kind of bland so I usually double the spices and add in some hot peppers)
Tuesday – tacos with lentil filling from PPK (I have Isa Chandra’s cookbook “Isa Does It” and it is by far my fav, I highly recommend it)
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – leftovers

Snack of the week – 5 ingredient granola bars from minimalist baker (it’s a great 3pm work snack!)

151 days until race day.


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