Weekly Eating Strategy

Do you usually come home from work with no idea what to have for dinner?

That is a problem I spent a lot of my time trying to avoid. There are a few things that I try to incorporate into every meal (especially dinner):

  • Enough vegetables that I won’t get scurvy
  • Makes enough that there are left overs (below I’ll explain why this is so important to me)
  • Some protein so that I can keep up my level of physical activity
  • It has to be delicious and substantial enough that I’m not hungry in an hour

Please keep in mind that I live with a male that can easily eat half a loaf of bread a day or an entire batch of cookies in one sitting so having enough food at home is usually challenge in and of itself.

On Sunday, I make a meal plan for what we are going to eat each night of the week for dinner. I leave out Friday and just make something up with the food that is left by then. Usually, I try to pick items that have lots of leftovers so we have something for lunch the next day and therefore I only need  to cook one meal a day. Yes, we do eat breakfast but it’s almost always toast or oatmeal (recipes for our favs below).

This week –
Sunday: 7-layer mexican dip from minimalist baker
Monday: out for dinner
Tuesday: 10 spice vegetable soup from oh she glows
Wednesday: left overs
Thursday: left overs

Currently, I am taking two night courses at a local college. This means that on Wednesday and Thursday, I go to work later and stay later and then go directly to my class so I don’t get home until quite late. Why do you care? Because now by Tuesday night, there need to be enough leftovers to last not only for lunches but for dinner as well for two days. I also run before work both these days so the morning is quite rushed.

On Tuesday night, I make a grain (this week is quinoa) and buy salad mix so that along with leftover assorted veggies I can always just throw everything together into a large salad. Also, Tuesday night is also almost always soup night because besides being very delicious and a comforting fall food, soup recipes almost always make days worth of soup!

Breakfast go-to options:
Overnight steel-cut oats from mama marin cooks
Toast ideas from oh she glows
A lot of ideas for overnight oats from buzzfeed

A standard pre-run breakfast - oatmeal with apple sauce, almond butter and bananas
A standard pre-run breakfast – oatmeal with apple sauce, almond butter and bananas

In running news, the weather is starting to cool down quickly and I’ve had to pull out all my winter running clothing in the last couple of weeks. But as you can see from below, a lot of the trees still have their leaves and there have been some beautiful fall days recently.


I have been trying a modified version of what my training schedule will be like when the training begins in December. The only difference between a marathon training plan and an ultra one seems to be back to back long runs on the weekends. I will make another post about my ultra training for plan. For now I’m just trying to get as many kilometres on my legs as possible to prepare.

Weekly running plan (very flexible):

Saturday – long run ~20km
Sunday – ~10-15km +gym
Monday – off
Tuesday – 6-8km (sometimes +gym)
Wednesday – 10km
Thursday – ~6km + gym
Friday – off (sometimes swimming)

157 days until race day!

I have a lot of trouble with having enough snacks for work. Any great easy snack ideas?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Eating Strategy

  1. sarahdudek80 November 12, 2014 / 2:34 pm

    Those are great tips for a dinner plan. Lately I do a lot of soups on the stove and even in the crock pot. There are so many healthy and delicious recipes out there. I love soup because you can freeze it too. For snacks I like to stick to things like Brazil nuts (super high in protein and boost your immunity), frozen grapes, carrot sticks, string cheese (doesn’t have to stay refrigerated) and definitely apples and bananas.

    • katherineyager November 12, 2014 / 2:45 pm

      The crockpot is great way to go! I never have time in the morning to put all the stuff in though, that may be my next thing to try to use more. Great snack suggestions! Bananas are a very popular item in our house, we go through a lot of them but it’s nice to mix it up the snack selection.

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