An Eventful Weekend + Smoothie Recipe

Months ago, I signed up for Around the Bay 30k run in Hamilton this weekend. In the last month, my transition to minimalist shoes ended up in severe foot pain so I had to go back to slightly more cushiony shoes (Nike Free 4.0) and start going to regular physio. Basically, for two weeks I was convinced that there was no way I was going to be able to run Around the Bay. However, with diligent stretching and cutting back my running, the foot pain is mostly gone and I was ecstatic that I’d be able to run!

Then, I woke up Thursday morning and I could tell I was getting a cold. I did everything I could think of to try to prevent it, I drank lots of fluids, took echinacea, ate oranges. But Friday morning, I was definitely sick so I made this smoothie in hopes that all the fruit and vegetables would fight off the cold. After all the struggles with my foot the last thing I wanted was to not run because of a cold!

Here’s the smoothie that I was hoping would take care of my cold –


photo 1

To make the smoothie:

– juice of 1/3 cucumber, a couple stalks of celery, and a small piece of ginger to make the green juice
– handful of frozen mixed berries,
– a whole banana,
– a tablespoon of chia seeds,
– a tablespoon of hulled hemp seeds,
– a handful of raw kale
– 1/4 cup of raw buckwheat groats that I had soaked and blended with almond milk to make them closer to a yogurt texture

And the blended version (looks a lot less green!)

photo 2


At this point, I was very hopeful that my healthful smoothie combined with spending the day on the couch drinking herbal tea would do the trick. Friday night, I went to bed really early hoping that a really good night of sleep would also help the process. However, I made a terrible mistake. As I was falling asleep, my throat kept tickling and waking me up so I decided I should take some cold medicine to ensure the good night of sleep I needed. I completely forgot (it’s been a long time since I’ve had a bad cold) that my stomach and cold medicine do not mix well. I woke up to what felt like the worst hangover of my life and I hadn’t had any alcohol! I couldn’t move, all I could do was lay on the couch and feel bad for myself.

On Saturday, the plan was that Callum and I would go drop off our dog with some friends and then make the trip to Hamilton to stay with a friend’s parents for the night so that we’d be there and ready for race morning. By 11am, I could hardly move off the couch so I didn’t see how I was ever going to make the 40 minutes subway ride to the drop off the dog and then the hour bus ride to Hamilton. Somehow we made it though! I have only felt that sick a few times in my life and as the day progressed, I slowly improved. By Saturday night, I definitely had a cough and a sore throat but I didn’t feel like I was going to die so I was really excited that running the race wasn’t completely out of the picture.

I had decided to run this race and I’d been through so much trouble with my foot that I was (really, really) determined to run. So Sunday morning, despite coughing fits and a completely clogged nose, off we went to the 30k. Callum and I ran together (we usually don’t because he’s faster and impatient with me but that’s another post!) and I really needed his support to make it all the way. It was a really hilly course with a huge hill at 26km, just when your legs don’t want to do anymore! The first of the course was also very industrial and not at all scenic. I don’t think that it’ll be on the racing agenda for next year.

Here’s our post race picture (I don’t even look horribly sick!) –


And some post-race, pre-brunch stretching!



Next on the agenda is the Toronto Goodlife Marathon in four weeks but for now my legs are really sore, I’ve used an entire box of tissues today (the run did not help my cold) and it’s time for some rest!



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