My Experience with Organic Produce Delivery

Last week I started to get organic fruit and vegetable delivery and whenever I’ve mentioned this to anyone I get asked a ton of questions about it so I decided to write about my experience (after a whole one week).

First of all, last Wednesday (my delivery day) in Toronto there was a snowstorm so I arrived home after trudging through mounds of snow to find my nice tubberware bin full of fresh produce waiting for me completely covered in snow. I excitedly brought it inside to look at what I got and see if it was the quality that I was hoping for. Thankfully it was!


Here are the things that I love about the fruit and vegetable delivery so far:

  • It’s convenient and because it comes mid-week, we’re usually almost out of fruit and veg by then anyway
  • In the bin with the produce, I get a printout of some recipes to give you an idea about what you can make with what you got
  • It’s very customizable and you can tell the company if there are items that you absolutely never want (for me, this is green peppers)
  • Not choosing exactly what I get gives me a chance experiment cooking vegetables I would usually never buy
  • I get emailed 5 days in advance what I’m going to get in the following week’s basket of produce which allows me to not grocery shop on the weekend with what I’m getting on Wednesday in mind
  • You can add a bunch of stuff to your basket and since they are already coming, it’s free delivery. Although, I added bananas last week and ended up paying $3.50 for 4 bananas so this is probably not the best option

The other question I’ve been asked a lot is about the cost. I pay $35/week for a “couples” basket, with how much we eat it’s enough for most the week’s veggies but not enough fruit. I usually buy all organic fruit and vegetables and this is probably around the same price if not a little more money but you are paying for convenience. This is in no way a money saving option.

Overall, I’m happy after week one with the vegetable and fruit delivery. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes from here!


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